How not to repair a building in the Red Zone – Part Three

So, having received the Section 38 Partial Demolition Order, (you have 10 days to respond) you spend the next seven days reading the paperwork (are you sure we are talking about the same building???!); doing a site specific safety plan, a transport management plan, a hazard management plan, a waste minimisation plan, and a partial demolition plan of work. Phew!

Having done you that, you submit it: only to have it rejected. What? Why, you may ask. Because you did not use an “accredited demolition contractor”. Your CERA Case Manager (we have one of those now!) will send you a list.

There’s a list??!! Why wasn’t that sent out with the Section 38?!!!

But, I don’t want to demolish – all I need to do is fix one  corner that is damaged as a result of your incompetence. I only need to install steel columns and repair brickwork – not demolish. That is irrelevant, I’m afraid.

We now have three days to respond (along with four other building owners in the block who have made the same mistake – no “accredited demolition contractors”. Funny, eh?).

You ring 3 different contractors from the list – which happens to be four pages of demolition contractors; no steel companies, no bricklayers and mainly North Island companies to boot so the money is pouring out of Christchurch – but get no response. Great.

Right – so you ring your assessor


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