Do we have progress?

Define progress, I say.

The assessor (whom we rang at the end of the last post) said “Use Hawkins“.  In desperation we do as we are told.

We met with Hawkins on site on August 11, and Hawkins resubmit our documentation.  On August 18 this, too, is rejected. Why???  “Hawkins does not have the correct accreditation, they can only subcontract and do cartage work” according to our CERA Case Manager.

Hawkins is not amused.

In the meantime, that very short period of time we were given to respond to the Section 38 gets extended by four days.  Great! Oh, wait – two of those days are over the weekend… how generous is that?

At least the steel company has been busy – it has got to and made the steel column that is necessary for the propping of the building frontage.

Then to top it all off it snows, it hails… and the Red Zone gets closed again.


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