Around in circles we go

We have a nice steel beam, ready to use to prop up the building frontage so we can get on with rebuilding.


(there’s always a but…)

On August 18, the insurance company weighs in with the decision that we can’t repair the building frontage until CERA confirms the building’s status – we can only do ‘make safe’ work.  Something to do with a White Zone – the land might be condemned due to liquefaction.  Yeah, right! This is a central city heritage block with no liquefaction!!!

Then on August 23, I get this email:

Afternoon Nicky,

Has your builder and your other contractors been granted accreditation yet?

I would suggest a follow up call to them to get a progress report.  I am hoping we can work a way forward before CERA is given this work.  If we cannot get this sorted I will have to pass this property file onto the CERA Project Management Office.

Many thanks,

CERA Case Manager

This looks like a threat!  Hawkins’ South Is Operations Manager emails the Case Manager to advise that the Hawkins’ Project Manager is currently undertaking this process and that they hope to provide the accreditation to CERA shortly.

Hawkins then resubmit the plan on August 26.


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