Is there progress NOW??

I wish I could say there was….

On September 16 we have a site meeting with Hawkins.  The project manager hasn’t seen the Engineer’s plan and wants to vary the order of works.  Great!  Meanwhile, our steel post, needed to prop up the front corner of the building, still lies waiting on the footpath.  So, we ring the Engineer.

I organise a meeting on September 21 with the project manager and the Engineer; sort out problems with procedure; paperwork has not been passed on!

On September 23 I’m waiting for the Engineer to do a drawing of a safe cage for the contractors to work under – don’t want any rogue flying bricks to hit anyone!

I now wish the building had fallen down and destroyed all my plant – at least then I could go out, get a job and move forward!

Hah, no chance of that in this bureaucratic nightmare… the Christchurch CBD looks like a bombsite: CERA have demolished buildings that could have been repaired – safely and quickly.  Infrastructure is gone, confidence is gone, momentum is gone, capital is pouring out of Christchurch – even the carpenters are moving out of town.

This is a massive man-made CERA disaster – they can’t see it and now it’s too late.  The end is nowhere in sight and I have grave doubts that our business can survive this.  Thing is,  I know we’re not the only ones in this situation.  I suspect that there is no business expertise in CERA at all.  We could go into our factory and get the plant running within days, but no one is talking to us.

Maybe we could go gardening in the Red Zone?  At least it would be a job, with an income!  Can’t have the gardens looking tatty for Rachel Hunter can we??


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