Round and round we go…where it stops, nobody knows!

It’s September 27, and the morning started very nicely: with an oh so lovely missive from CERA.  What a shame it is only seven months too late to be of any real use but better late than never maybe?

It’s a “Notice to Carry Out a Detailed Structural Assessment”, to be done “Prior to Reoccupying a Building”.  See what I mean?  This would have been way more useful a week after the February quake.  Especially as “reoccupy” is a lot more positive with respect to the future of our business.

Ok then – what does CERA need us to do for this?  “Please notify CERA within 10 working days…”  Cool, no days across a weekend in this deadline, and ten days – that’s considerate.  “…that you have appointed an Engineer to do a full structural assessment…”  How can CERA not know that we already have an Engineer?!  Left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.  Why am I not surprised.  “…and report to be provided within 8 weeks of this letter.”

Oh, the paperwork this merry-go-round has created.  One has to wonder if there is anyone at CERA capable of reading the volume of Engineer’s Reports they are going to receive!

Meanwhile, Hawkins are hassling me for Engineer’s drawings.  Can’t blame them!

This is just for my business premises.  Since I have a business in Christchurch, it stands to reason that I live here, too.  Here’s my house:

All propped up, ready to go...

The back wall does look rather munted.  Got to love the home-made propping.  Hey, don’t knock it!  It has withstood the 8000+ quakes/aftershocks Christchurch has had – the old girl has done all right.  We laughed together about the front wall – we pushed that back into place with the ute!  Still, I count my blessings: I had a phone call from a customer who lives in Bexley; she has greenish mould growing on her carpets and the dreaded liquefaction coming up out of her floor! Now that’s bad.

Arrow came to inspect my house today (September 27).  They are recommending demolition (see why “reoccupy” is such a more positive word?).  Will it never end?


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