1st October.

I have the Engineers Detail in my hand.  On Monday 3rd of October, the builder will start to demolish a bit of wall so that we can build a safety cage for the steel workers to work under.  This work was planned over 8 weeks ago, but delayed by CERA changing the rules of work in the Red Zone.  They do this all the time: change paper work, rules, procedures.  Army mentality I am afraid. Apparently, rumour has it, some demolition companies have not been following the correct safety procedures, so they created this “Accredited Contractors” nonsense.  All it did was hold up work and create another layer of ticket clipping.  There is a lot of that in Christchuch at the moment.

Meanwhile, I have just picked myself up from the floor, where I was lying laughing hysterically.

Why, you ask?

Well, in the Christchurch Press this morning is an article by Liz McDonald where she did an interview with Bill Johnson, long-term recovery manager for United States disaster-response firm Cere Environmental.  He headed Alabama’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.  He says reopening central Christchurch promptly is “tremendously important” to get the city back on its feet.  Johnson said a functioning central city “has a direct economic impact”.  Why did we have to wait 7 months for this comment to be published?

Why is he not in charge of this mess??  He has experience, which our home-grown CERA does not!

CERA has failed to grasp the issues in the 7 months that they have had the central city locked up.  One of the issues that has puzzled me all the way through this shambles is the lack of decent commentary and analysis by the Christchurch Press.  There has been almost a veil of silence.  If one believed in conspiracy theories, one could carefully suggest that they have had some editorial controls placed upon them.


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