I think there is a cunning plan to make our repairs as difficult as possible, the scaffolding lads did not follow the correct design, the Engineer has decided to dig the biggest foundation hole in the world and the builder wants changes.  sigh. So we wait while they all sort themselves out!.  Communication problems… and every time we need to do anything I have to apply for a pass for the workers, that takes a day or 2 depending on how the powers that be are behaving.

Speaking of communication…  Do you know we still have not been told when we will be out of the red zone?.  Until we are out, repairs are incredibly hard to do. It slows the process enormously, we could have been finished months ago, all for the sake of being 2 metres inside the red zone fence.

Funny really, CERA still has not come to us and asked “how can we keep your business running?”, one would have thought that keeping any business running would be a priority, especially in the central City, because no one is going to rush back in to a big car park! Recover Canterbury is not much help either, last time I contacted them they said “wait until you are out of the Red Zone”,  helpful eh!  (They are the organisation set up to help business! now that is a worry.)

Listening to an American Engineer who has experience Red stickering building, he maintained you red stickered only parts of building, the safe areas were allowed to be occupied.  He maintained that the pass system is a barrier to allowing timely and efficient repairs.  CERA  has a scorched earth policy, they still haven’t figured out that the buildings are more valuable repaired and standing than flattened. The central city will be a dust bowl in the summer and the biggest free car parking area in New Zealand.

Talking about communication, one can not help but smirk at listening to the Tauranga Mayor rightly complaining about the lack of communication regarding the grounding of the Rena, (Container ship) and commenting that it took them 48 hours to do anything.  Pity he’s not in Christchurch, Bob Parker hasn’t said a useful word in 8 months.  Maybe he should swap cities.


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