We move ahead again!

On monday the 14th of November, the make safe scaffold comes down and the first floor gets a scaffold in preparation for removing the bricks off the top.  At the same time we are preparing the front right hand corner for a new RHS, the same as the left hand corner.  We can not fully start on this one until one of our neighbours has finished installing theirs, and the communal beam is propped.  Wish they would hurry up.!

Oh joy, today met insurance assessor number 5???  At least this one is a kiwi! What have we had? Australian x 1, South African x 2, 1 x American, 1 x English, I thought this one was supposed to be a South African but instead we had a substitute!   That is 6! Confused?  Me too?  Trouble is I can no longer remember which damage was caused in which quake.  whoops!  Consistency is a problem,  I just get them up to speed on where we are at and they move on.

Oh my gosh brother Joe has become a media star. he has been talking to the royal commission about the problems we faced with the earthquake strengthening process.  Well done!  If we keep chipping away at the powers that be we might make some progress!



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