9 months on …. some more progress….

Cera still has not asked us how they could help to keep our business in the red zone going, you would think that any business running in the red zone would be a valuable asset!  We are watching with great interest. What an incompetent bunch of pen pushers.  They have more “tool box” meetings than they do work. What a way to have a recovery.

Did you know that by $ value they have pulled more NEW buildings down than old ones. All those nice modern concrete/glass horrors gone.  What a shame.  Hope they got a heap of grass seed, they are going to need it when the nor’ westers blow.

We discovered today that we now have water. Interesting! At least now we have a “small room” as opposed to the alley way, I will say no more! Much easier for blokes.

I had a phone call today from the NZ Retailers Association.  Nice to know someone cares what happens to us, no one else has, Recover Canterbury were a waste of time.  Everyone seems to think I can get my machinery out.  Trust me on this one if I could do that I would be gone like a shot!  it’s very hard to get enthusiastic about staying in the CBD if this is the way we are treated.  Why would you stay? You can not run the risk. Anyone want a heritage building with air conditioning! lol

I believe early next week??? we will start on the deconstruction of the right hand side of the building in preparation of putting in RHS monster no 2, and then the brickies come in. And we can try to close it in.

Drat I have just realised our red zone pass runs out on the 9th of December,  another 10 pages of paper work, and I need to get the Engineers autograph again. What a waste of time.

OMG they have finally declared the central city a green zone.  NOW that is good news it means that the insurance company will now let us refurbish the building, rather than just “Make safe”  (Make safe means fix it before CERA pulls it down)  Now the bills will start!

I am still waiting for my compensation cheque, for the enforced lockout.  Dream on!

Attached is a photo I took today of the new scaffolding, put up  in preparation for removing the last of the dangerous brickwork.  The dodgy bricks look so much better hidden behind the scaffold!

New Scaffold. In preparation of repairs to brick work.


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