Democracy is dead in Christchurch…

I must be a bit dopey or something,  why is the Christchurch Press not advocating for the business owners in the city, why no discussion of the issues, no editorial, no analysis. Every business owner that I know is saying the same thing, “they don’t want us back in the CBD”. They are all commenting on the lack of progress, communication and complete lack of  interest in helping them get their businesses back up and running. The insurance issues are horrific.

Where are the politicians?  for heaven’s sake we have national elections in a week.  What is wrong out there.?  This was a heaven-sent issue for Labour, they have failed the South Island badly.

There was another protest on saturday, the fifth protest in the city, again it appears to have failed to make traction. They have a fabulous media machine, it is shutting dissension down.  This is looking like a state orchestrated media campaign against its own people.

Scary stuff.


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