Recovery Christchurch Style….

Today we were at High Street cleaning up the second storey floor. We realised that the situation was exactly the same as in May when we had a 10 day pass to do emergency repairs.  No repairs are happening in the red zone, well certainly not in our area. Every thing is focused towards demolition.  It is too hard to get passes, accreditation and access.  If you are important you might be better off, but for us small people this is crazy. It takes one – two days to get a pass, you must have all your tradespeople lined up, and if something goes wrong, you waste a day or two getting new passes.

Spot the workers????

The CERA accreditation of the tradespeople has been structured in such a way that it only benefits certain companies. It is very hard for small companies to get CERA accreditation. Thus all the tradespeople must work under the umbrella of the large ticket clipping accredited companies.

In our block of 17 shops we were the only people in the street working. CERA has created a structure that is unworkable and is hindering repairs

P.s. do you believe it is a coincidence that the walkway to the square is being opened on the day of the elections?   yeah right!


One thought on “Recovery Christchurch Style….

  1. Hey guys, good to see your ongoing persistence in your mission dealing with everyone and everything to get up and running again. I’m flying down to chch this Wednesday and I really hope to get to see you guys before I leave on sunday and if you need anything I’m more than happy to help. See you soon:)

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