It’s a bit sad really, today we were talking about the unenviable situation that we are in.  Locked out of a building, that has been earthquake strengthened.  The factory is safe to occupy.  We do not want to occupy the front until repairs are finished.

We could be operating our machinery. CERA is denying us the right to practice our trade and earn a living.

We have been locked out since the 22nd of February, it looks like it will be March 2012 before we can go back in. CERA has never given us a ETA and never communicated with us re keeping our business going.

We are glad our building did not cause any injuries BUT in hindsight we wish now that we had never started the earthquake strengthening work.

We wish that the building HAD fallen down.  It is a pity that we feel this way about a heritage building, but this is a direct result of the way we have been treated.

At least we could have taken the insurance money, purchased another building and new machinery and started afresh. And it sure as heck won’t be in the CBD.  NEVER AGAIN! We have been in limbo now for 9 months.  This is crazy.

Cera is a bigger disaster than the earthquakes.

I have no confidence that things will get any better in the near future. I wonder if New Zealand First is going to get interested in CHCH.   Denis O’Rourke is a CHCH man.  ???  I am not holding my breath.

Very soon the insurance money will run out.

You can see why there are no building owners doing repairs!  Even we are in despair.

On a more positive note, the builder started deconstructing the 2nd column and digging the new foundation hole.  yes!  The brickies are tentatively booked for next week.

ps on the home front, AMI have just informed me officially that my house is a demo. (Sorry demolition, slang word commonly in use down here!).  Oh what joy, a new house, never had one of those before.  The thought of building is not exactly a thrill though.


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