More progress… this is promising

On friday we craned in the new RHS on the right hand side of the building and poured the new concrete foundation. We can now start to deconstruct the horrible mess of hanging bricks at the top of the building.

I went and had a look at the container mall in Cashel street today, humn, maybe it was me. Boring. A pity Paul Lonsdale from the central city Business association has not put his energy in to helping retailers in other areas. The sole focus on this area has been to the detriment of the rest of the city. It lacks heart in my view.

The walk into the square has been nicely “sanitized”, you get a better view of the mess if you look down high street at the St Asaph st fence, or Manchester st/st Asaph street.

Pity they did not let people see it before the “sanitisation”.

I looked at the Cathedral and felt nothing. Just another wrecked building. I must be getting hardened. Too many days looking at Lichfield/high street I think,

We are having thoughts about moving to a new building, thinking of single storey wooden sheds! This is something we may need to look at in the future. The insurance bills for the High St site are now horrific.

One of the issues that continue to puzzle me is the fact that the contractors are not working in the red zone over the weekends, idle diggers, no builders no trucks. How can a city recover from this inactivity?


2 thoughts on “More progress… this is promising

  1. Hey guys, sorry I didn’t see you when I was down in chch. Tried coming along on Friday but I couldn’t make it so I went around on Saturday afternoon hoping you would be there but like you mentioned, there were no builders, trucks, contractors or any sign of life in the CBD. The city was abandoned. I was quite shocked and overwhelmed by a sad feeling because I thought to myself, if all this work is being put on hold then this place won’t take 5-10 years for example to rebuild, but at least 15-20 years to get things back in place again.

    If there is no energy and motivation right from the beginning then there will not be much progress going on in Chch. It’s all about commitment levels. If they’re committed enough then someone in CERA will agree to weekend work to keep Chch going and to restore our garden city as soon as possible.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but why do authorities and ECQ have either BLACK or WHITE when it comes to residents and business EQ issues? There definitely should be a GREY middle ground where ECQ compensates to the desperate needs and understands the peoples’ eagerness to rebuild Chch.

    On a different note, I stood by the high street on Saturday gazing at that scaffolding I was on 22 February 2011. All the memories I carry from that day came about and as much as I was sad and heart broken, as much as I was happy and glad that I was alive and still breathing.

    • Hi, I am really sorry to have missed you. I guess the task is so huge that CERA just can not cope with the demands put upon them. I think they are running this like a military operation and have lost sight of reality. Who knows? I look forward to the Commission of Enquiry that must inevitably follow a operation of this scale. I was talking to the Engineer last night and he thinks that CERA Engineers have failed the city. Inexperience being one of the reasons also Lack of understanding of URM buildings combine it with panic. All a potent mix. On a happier note we are really glad you are alive as well! I am very grateful that you and Karl escaped that day with just a damm good scare and hopefully no nightmares. Kind regards Nicky

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