Questions and no answers…

I have a raft of questions…

Why have the Insurance companies allowed building owners to demolish Commercial buildings that could be repaired more cheaply than they could be rebuilt for?
Why have the Insurance companies and CERA been stalling repairs for 10 months?

Why have CERA Engineers (and others) been so ready to approve buildings for demolition when they could have been repaired?
Why have CERA failed in their duty to the city, when they know it is cheaper in many cases to repair than demolish?
Why have the CERA Engineers not understood the issues of party walls?
Why have CERA allowed for the demolition of 60% of the CBD when best practice world-wide is 20%?
Why did CERA bulldoze buildings with the chattels/stock and plant still in the buildings when in many cases it could have been retrieved safely?
Why is there a deathly silence over the demolition of many new, modern thought to be safe concrete reinforced buildings? Many have failed.
Why the continuous blaming/shaming of owners of unreinforced masonry buildings when more new stuff failed than has been reported?

Why will CERA not release the Red Zone land information to the home owners in red/orange zones

Why has the Christchurch Press not highlighted many of the issues in the CBD?

Why haven’t any Economists talked loudly about the economic cost of demolishing 6000 houses, and the CBD, and come up with the costing for this destruction?

Why has CORE (the so-called Building owners lobby group) not lobbied to preserve buildings and discuss the issues?
Why has CORE gone silent?
Why has ICONIC (The Heritage lobby group) failed to make traction, or managed to save any buildings?
Why has the Government employed such a large media team?

Why has it taken 9 months before we could actually start on repairs on our building?
Why are there business owners who still can not retrieve their stock after 10 months?

Why has it taken AMI 9 months to realise my house is a demo when EQC assessors told me after 30 minutes? And I am still waiting for action.

Why is no one questioning Nationals and Gerry Brownlee leadership over these issues?
Why is there a code of silence between the political parties, no one is asking the hard questions?

When is the Royal commission of enquiry going to be announced to uncover the mismanagement by CERA and the govt agencies. I would like to appear.
When is someone going to talk to the remaining building owners and businesses left in the CBD? Before we all vanish.

When will they stop clapping themselves to death with their own applause about how well they are doing, when it is a shambles and everyone knows it!

Why have they made such a bureaucratic process with truck loads of red tape that has deliberately slowed down any repairs of any buildings?
Why do builders have to be accredited to CERA?
Why this draconian accreditation system? who is behind it? (they always trot out the safety mantra. but what is the true reason.
Why do I struggle to get tradespeople passes to repair my building?
why do I struggle to get power to my building?
why do I struggle to get access to my building?
Why are our property rights being negated?

Why the sanitized walk way to the square? Show the people what it really looks like in the cbd.

Why have so many assessments that duplicate one another ie EQC does a scoping report so does your insurance company?
Why does EQC pay out for silly stuff like the contents of your fridge and your china?
Why does EQC pay out for repairing your asbestos roof when it was munted and a wreck anyway?
Why does EQC pay out for foundations that were so rotten that the house was falling down anyway?

Why has the Christchurch City Council been totally ineffective?

why? why? why???


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