CERA Again! sigh….

I just read the article by John McCrone in the CHCH press of Saturday dec 19th.  Ra Ra, how good CERA is, all is sweetness and light, and they are doing such a great job.   I laughed so much I cried.  You must be joking. Every thinking person in the city knows that this is a disaster.  Man made by CERA, incompetent Engineers and Inexperienced personnel.  And oh how smug they are.

And to make you laugh even more in this mornings press is an article by Tamlyn Stewart, called Earthquake Recovery, discussing a survey of businesses .  38% of the businesses surveyed said that they would not return to the CBD,  20% were unsure and 40% would return. The problems?  lack of time frame, lack of/non payment of insurance, lack of information, lack of communication to name a few. I am starting to sound like a cracked record.

One of the big problems facing businesses wanting to return to the CBD will be that there are not many buildings left!  he he, surprise!. I don’t think that they have figured that out yet!

Interestingly,  today, my feisty brother Joe, the one who nearly got arrested,(  I must post that picture for you lol, ) met a policeman policing the red zone, who stated that he could not see why there had not been a riot, and he could not understand why the fences had not been torn down, him and me both,  I just don’t get it.  Are New Zealanders that ground down and so conformist that they won’t fight!  Must be my French heritage coming out. This man said that we were the only people repairing a building in the red zone that he knew off.  I wonder why!

Joe being subdued!

“Young Joe” also had a discussion with an American Engineer, who is appalled by what is happening here, he is bemoaning that fact that the Engineers making the decisions are not CPEng’s ( ie not fully qualified) and that they are unable to do the calculations required. And anyone with half a brain can do the costing!  I can do them, employ me, I have had 2 years of project management experience restoring and earthquake strengthening a building.

On a much more postive note:

Today we finished demolishing part of our party-wall, we also finally after 11 months wait. installed our last 2 posts.  The ones that might have saved the frontage if we could have got them in before February.  Do you know that they were made in January and we have been trying to get permission/access to get them in!  What a shambles.   Tomorrow, we start rebricking the frontage!   The other piece of interesting news is that The Globe building is going to be saved.  I think that is great news. It means our block will be more or less intact.  (I believe that to save the building is going to cost a mere $1.5 million, gulp!  someone must have very deep pockets)

We are slowly making progress.


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