On a more positive note…

Today we have progress, scary eh! This might be habit forming. We now have 2 SHS columns, one in each corner of the frontage, both sitting on nice new concrete foundations. We have demolished most of the nasty loose bricks at the top of the building, and in a few days the brick layers are going to start to close the building back in.  We also have an extra ring beam going in as extra strengthening.  In a few days we will have met CERA’s “Make safe”  requirements,  8 weeks late. Whoops.  I am still amazed that they have not hassled me.  ( I hope I am not tempting fate)

I am back on the paper war, filling out an “Amendment to Building Consent”- more money to the council, oh what joy.

I can’t believe the number of phone calls I have had from our card making clients, you have all been amazing.  The positive support has been welcome and heartwarming!  Thank you.

this is a view looking out of the building at the POly Tech Jazz school. Open plan!


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