Lets talk about Recover Canterbury…. who?

Set up under the umbrella of the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce,  the boss being Peter Townsend.    (The man who in April 2011 said that our protests were a “diversion of resources”.  And we’ll get it sorted” he snapped.)

An organisation set up to help business recovery. – In Japan after the Kobe earthquake in 1995- 70% of businesses failed within 3 years, and they did not destroy 60% of their CBD.  The figure in CHCH will be similar, if not larger.

Well Mr Townsend, you have failed to get it sorted.  You have had 11 months to contact the businesses in the CBD.  I see no sorting, no help, no money, no jobs. You were interested only in the big boys and Restart, (The symbolic project to get Ballantynes going) you let the rest of the small businesses burn and fade away.

Why don’t you quit Now.  You have failed to sort it.

-What about the 2nd hand shop in High street who still has not got his stock out?

or The Coffee shop lady, who needed to get her coffee machine? so she could start-up again? She could not afford the $1000 needed to hire an Engineer to escort her. And could not wait the 9 months it took to get official permission.

or the Video shop owner, who I saw creep into his building when the it got dark? Because he needed his equipment.

-or the Shoe shop owner I saw picking up his expensive stock out of the car park in the rain, because USAR had put a digger through his shop “on the way to another building”  – just a minor diversion.!

-or the Restaurant that lost its brand new kitchen, last seen on the back of a truck???

or the printer who had to raid his own building to get his records? And rung up your organisation asking for help and was told that you can’t help us because we are in the red Zone??? dur????

Or the Book shop, which is now being pulled down with the books still inside. ( the building is still standing after 9 months)

Or a printing business with the machines put aside when the building was needlessly destroyed.  Even CERA admitted the building did not need to come down.

WHY DID WE HAVE TO DO THIS  Mr Townsend?  Is this the sorted you are talking about?

SO much for CECC and Recover Canterbury.

Where is the lobbying for us small people???


One thought on “Lets talk about Recover Canterbury…. who?

  1. Right on the nail, Nicky. Just another sycophant, that’s our Mr Townsend

    His insincerity and self-interest is matched only by that of his persoanl Tonto in Cashel Mall, Paul Lonsdale

    (why DOES the word sycophant appear so often lately in the media in relation to the working s of Chch Inc.?)

    To add insult to injury, it was almost definitely workers from the Cashel Mall who broke into our own building in broad daylight (obviously with CERA passes round their necks) and stole my builder’s generators

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