Interesting Article in the New Zealand Herald …

An excellent article by Chris Barton in the New Zealand Herald. Saturday Dec 17th 2011. It covers a number of issues relating to the failure of Modern buildings (Post 1982).  Most of which survived the earthquakes but are uneconomic to repair. He also makes an interesting observation about the Commissioners of the Royal Commission. That they lack independence, as two of the 3 Commissioner’s are from the “industry under examination”.   This is a frightening comment that does appear to have some foundation.  I hope that they can rise above this, but….?   His comment that the engineering profession is getting an easy ride, is disturbing, and in line with our thinking.

Have a read.  One comment I would make is:  Funny how the CHCH Press has not come to the same conclusion, or done the same analysis as Chris Barton.

Christchurch: Inside the red Zone


4 thoughts on “Interesting Article in the New Zealand Herald …

  1. You are surprised that the only thorough coverage is always in The Herald? This has been a constant for many months now, ever since The Press decided to try and boost the morale of the plebeians by trying to run as many positive stories as they can. Well-intentioned, I am sure; but scarcely good journalism

  2. I agree with you Bruce, the CHCH Press has been woefully negligent in it’s coverage of the issues. The Herald and The Listener have done a far better job. Dare I suggest that this is deliberate? I am afraid that I think it is. There has also been a “code of silence” from many of our Politicians, Labour had a heaven sent opportunity here and did not take it. I am wondering about Denis O’Rouke, (NZ First) he is a local, also very experienced in local body politics, maybe?????? not much sign of action yet. regards Nicky

    • O’Rourke will be 100% focussed on trying to work out a way to resurrect his decades long pet (failed) project of a Bus Exchange …. no matter how much of a dinosaur that was last time

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