And up it goes…

The wall is slowly emerging, I am willing each brick on ….. It is happening but its slow and careful work.  Unfortunately the brickies knock off for Christmas tomorrow and I will get a new crew in the new year as this gang has a prior commitment.  (If we had not been stuffed around so much, this would have been done ages ago)   sigh!

Did you know that today the CHCH city Council awarded the CEO Tony Marryatt, a $70,000 pay rise today. (Total now $538,529)   Is he really worth more than the Prime Minister and Roger Sutton.  I think not.  Just another shonky decision by our dysfunctional council.  ps this probably does not include air fares home every weekend to Hamilton.  What is going on in the CCC?????

Up up up... please go faster!


2 thoughts on “And up it goes…

  1. Woo Hoo! You are going to get a medal one day Nicky!

    Even if I have to drag those undeserved chains of office from around “Mayor” Parker’s neck and melt them down to make it for you.

    History will have a lot to say about the men in cardigans who are responsible for all this unnecessary destruction ….. but that is 10 years away, and unfortunately most people in situations similar to your own will have long since given up and taken off to another town (or to another country)

  2. More likely end up in jail for libel! he he Unfortunately not enough people are taking notice!
    They still have not figured out that it is cheaper to repair/strengthen the URM’s than pull them down.. I sound like a cracked record.
    There are no buildings left to rent in the CBD- they can not work it out! sigh

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