The wall gets higher….

The brickies are climbing the wall!  It is slowly starting to take shape.  Today they pull out for Christmas.  Drat.  We have been trying to find the pallets of bricks that were taken off our neighbour some months ago. They had been lost in transit.  They have just turned up in the CCC yard at Ferrymead.  We are not quite sure how you can lose 4 pallets of bricks and corbels, but hey anything is possible in CHCH, and I refuse to stress!

It is good news as some of them are rather special and we need them to reconstruct our frontage.

Its a beautiful sight!


4 thoughts on “The wall gets higher….

  1. We have just had our 3rd sewerage leakage into our downstairs since the quakes, tenants are pretty good natured about it thankfully. However its a council problem so they are cleaning it up.
    Good to see you are progressing.

    • Hi, Hope you are enjoying a relaxing break, don’t go back to work too soon!, we have our fingers crossed that there is no more damage. Won’t know till tomorrow when the long suffering Engineer goes in to inspect. Kind regards Nicky

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