Quick up date…

I was on the west coast basking in the sunshine for a much-needed holiday and to my horror I heard the noise of an “on coming freight train” and felt the ground start to do the classic wave pattern.  We all knew instantly what had happened…. Christchurch AGAIN!  This is what happened last boxing day.  Less than 24 hours holiday again.

We went through the usual flurry of text messages and decided to make a quick trip back to check on house and building.

All is looking good, there appear to be no bricks down at High Street that we can see, we do not have access to the building to double-check inside but all looks as it should. (I need to get the Engineer through again.  I think I will not hassle him for a few days, he may need a break as well.)

And home is no worse than before!

Will admit to a rough night and a nasty 5.1 early morning wake up call.  Actually 3 whiskeys with your neighbours at 11.00 at night is very soothing and sleep inducing!

I will update you all as soon as I can.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas and New year.


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