And we wait….. again…..

he he, that gave me a laugh, the editorial in the CHCH Press Saturday 31st December says that: ” Of greater concern is the sense that needless red tape, an adherence to petty rules, is what is really hindering the recovery, particularly as those rules are applied to small businesses.”  Gee and it took you 10 months to figure this out?   The one rule which is hampering us is the practice of red stickering the entire building.  We have no issues with the front of our building beening closed off until repairs are made.  But there is no logical reason why our factory area, which is single storey, concrete re-inforced and earthquake strengthened should not be used.  It would save a business and they sure as heck are going to need us in the CBD as there are very few of us left!  There is hardly a building left standing to rent.

These after shocks are a real downer.  We all had hoped for a better start to the year, for the second Christmas in a row many of us had our breaks disrupted. On a more humourous note, I no longer bother waking up unless it is over 4.8 on the Richter scale. Amazing what you can sleep through.  Gosh us humans are adaptable.  Do not want any more over 6 as the house may fall down!

I rashly offered to help my neighbour paint his house over Christmas, he accepted the offer very quickly!  They have been good to me this year, offering support, whiskey and encouragement.  This is the payback.  Talk about a sunburnt nose!

Tomorrow, 4th January the long suffering Engineer- Barry Knowles, is going into the Red Zone to inspect our building, again, I have lost track of how many inspections he has done.  Fingers crossed that we have no more damage.  I will keep you posted.  (The Red Zone has been closed over Christmas,  more time lost!)

A extra special thank you to Beverley McDonald for the Xmas cake! A really lovely present from our Cardmaking friend in Te Kuiti. Your kindness is heartwarming.  xxx

Unfortunately I have been informed that one of our row of shops, no 16- at the other end of the row to us, has suffered the same fate as our next door neighbour.  He has been compressed between 2 buildings, and has suffered frontage collapse. I do not know if he will be demoed or repaired.  Not a good outcome from the aftershocks of 23rd December.

Another frontage down in our row.


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