Locked out AGAIN….

Good Afternoon all.
Due to the events over magnitude 5 earlier in the week and those on 23rd December 2011, access to the CBD Red Zone has been temporarily suspended.
All current Temporary Access Plans previously lodged with CERA are no longer considered valid – pending inspection and submission of updated Engineer’s reports.
Kind Regards,
Racheal Western and Will Rolton
Red Zone Access Team 
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)
 L4  62 Worcester Boulevard
Private Bag 4999, Christchurch 8140
M:027 505 9946 or 027 688 2318
What a way to run a city.  I am afraid that this is going to be an ongoing pattern every time we get a shake the CBD will be locked down.  Interesting that we get locked down but no other parts of the city do.  All for the sake of being 2 metres inside the Red Zone fence.
Ring the Engineer Again.  Poor man…. he must be sick of me…  I have lost count of the number of times we have been locked out.  I think you could fairly say I am “somewhat annoyed”.

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