Tony Marryatt CEO Christchurch City Council

The 14.4 percent pay rise of the CHCH CEO is not passing unnoticed.  The Press has been having a field day with it. It has definitely incurred the wrath of the Christchurch residents. What was even more interesting was his justification for the rise, where he prattled on about how hard he has worked this year and how he deserved this rise. I bet he is not locked out of his business, living in a demo house –  and I know he is making wages!  He should be able to manage on a mere $538,529 plus do you think?

Notice the Pout!

I think there would have been less of a reaction if the ratepayers in CHCH felt he has done a superb job, but the situation down here is so awful, none of us feel that way. It is the lack of progress that is depressing us.

Wage for John Key PM   $411,510

Wage for Auckland CEO $675,000,  Wellington CEO $419,230

Wage for Roger Sutton CERA $ 500,000

Me thinks he should have hired a PR expert before he opened his mouth.  One of my rather stroppy friends has sent me this graphic which he begs me to use!  I can not resist!

Tony spits the dummy!


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