Whew.. got away lightly this time…

A quick up date to say the long suffering Engineer has done his inspection- what is called A “Level 2 Assessment”.  There appears to be no new problems or damage. I have now lodged the assessment with the “Red Zone Access Programme” and now we wait for them to grant us access.  This of course means that there will be no Brickies starting work tomorrow.

I was trying to work out how many working days we have had over the last 10 months,  I think it is less than 8 weeks,  I am going to check.  It’s not enough to make progress.  You can not have a recovery on these statistics. And this pattern is being repeated in the CBD on every building that is being repaired.  ( Not many!)

p.s.  Joe and I are talking about  having a look around for a new factory/building, as this saga has no future.  We will be locked out every time there is a shake, I have no idea where this will go, but its worth a look.  With the building frontage fixed I can get the plant out.  Than we might have a future.

Any one have a spare 150sqm building spare? must not have liquefaction, brick walls or be in the CBD.???  Earthquake strengthening would be a bonus.


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