Still locked out….. CERA inaction again….

Same old story, no communication, no common sense, no innovation, no progress, no repairs. But they are still getting their wages!  The whole city knows that all the contractors/administration are on a go slow so that they can make the demolitions/repairs last as long as they can. And the price gouging is out of control.

One could get irritated.

All that is needed is permission to enter the red zone from St Asaph Street and enter from the back of the building.  We are not in the Globe drop zone!  ( Or pull the damn thing down now if it is so dangerous!) How hard is this?

Our High St case manager has not even rung me to tell me we are locked out.

P.S. You should have seen the dust cloud over the city yesterday as the nor’ west wind took hold.  You could see it!  All those empty sections.


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