Interesting day…

Amazing!  Say you are going to pull the frontage off the building to speed up the minute chance that you might actually get back into the building and the phone goes.  Heritage.

What can we do for you????

Nothing as far as I can see and no amount of money/conversation is going to solve our issues, they are too deep-seated.  It is a marginal call as to whether I repair the frontage or pull it down and replace it with a tin shed. We will not be given access until the Engineer has done the DEE(Detailed Engineering Evaluation), it was a nice try though. This report is among the other 24 that he has to do.  ( So we wait.) They are that spooked by the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the February 2011 quakes that they have lost all flexibility or judgement.

The Issues are: Skilled labour or lack of, also the workers have been spooked by the continuing aftershocks. ACCESS – lack of safe access. The pass system. Methodology the Fletcher’s style screeds of paper work on how to “hammer a nail in”. Neighbours (We are waiting for our neighbours frontage to collapse!). Insurance ( Business interruption insurance has now finished). Communication or lack of: CERA, Heritage, CCC. scaffolding ongoing costs of. Price gouging etc It all sounds so familiar!

Heard an interesting comment today from another property owner down the street, he maintains that the property owners are on a knife-edge, and that people are starting to make the wrong decisions.  As their insurance runs out the situation is becoming much more desperate, and the only way to move forward, is to make a drastic decision,  ie bail out.  I agree with him.  This is not the way forward for Christchurch. Once the business owners and building owners pull out of the CBD we will not come back.

I also spoke to a company that was lucky enough to be on the other side of the cordon fence.  By a street width.  Lucky him.  We have been penalised badly by our location.  They have repaired their damage and are moving forward.

oh humm another day in paradise.

ps- got the bill for the Amendment to the building consent.  Provisional of course…!  $387.00  and that is just the beginning, wait until they start the demands for further information…


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