Recovery CHCH style ….. Locked out Again….

Just discovered that we are locked out again. We surmise that it is the demolition of the Para building, or the propping of the Mckenzie & Willis building, or the Billens building frontage  take your pick!   No notification, as is normal.  Since December we have had one days work done on the building.   The productivity of the CERA organization is worrying!  The speed of this recovery is staggering!  A snail would move faster.

he he.. what a joke!.  Minister of Recovery Gerry Brownlee calls CHCH mayor Bob Parker a clown.   humm…. must have been looking in the mirror.  What is happening here is that the CERA/Government is trying to deflect attention away from the massive stuff ups CERA have made and continue to make. It is easy and convenient to lay the blame at the Councils feet, but it is not the entire story.  This is just the beginning of the blame game that is going to occupy the Royal Commission of Inquiry for years!



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