Christchurch Limbo Land – One Year on from February 2011 Earthquake…

What has been achieved in one year.?

I am still living in my to-be demoed house!

In 12 months we have been able to do less than 8 weeks Emergency repairs on our building. ( Now labour is hard to find, expensive and uncooperative)

Access to the central city is hindering progress.

The city looks like Amsterdam after the blitz (according to my 86-year-old mum!)

The city is still locked down. (Guarded by NZ Military, to keep the “good people” out, ie building owners)

Some business owners have not recovered their property.

No one has advocated for the small business and building owners.

Our factory could be safely operating but the rules do not allow it.

There is an orchestrated code of silence from the political parties.

The Press has either been muzzled or lack investigative journalists.

I am now virtually unemployed.

Insurance companies are playing all sorts of “avoid paying games’  IAG included.  The latest in our case is that our upstairs was listed by the Broker as a flat, it was not, so they are refusing to pay out $100,000.

The recovery in CHCH has not happened.

Cera has a massive PR department and is risk adverse. Focussed on correct paper work!

Fletcher’s Construction… where do I start? System does not work!

People are ripping EQC off, there is a cargo cult mentality.

Price gouging!

The roads are a mess, but that’s ok.

We are the laughing-stock of the whole country.

The CCC has imploded.

The Engineers are overworked and deserve in some cases a medal, in other cases criminal charges.

The building owners are exasperated, and will not rebuild.

The lack of communication by CERA is legendary.

The lack of progress in opening roads/areas is farcical.

The lack of ability to force non complying building owners to do repairs is painful to watch and is holding up progress.

The lack of decent building standards has not been addressed. The issue of party walls has not been addressed.

The East side of the city is a bomb site. We face another winter living in appalling conditions.

The East side of the city is likely to explode in frustration.

The city is de populating as the red zone pay outs occur.

Mum’s house is still in Limbo land, orange zone.  It takes a year to make a decision???

Ho humm another year in paradise.


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