Canterbury Development Corporation…. ha ha

Thought I would be pro active, on this day, one year after the 22nd February 2011 Earthquake and see if they had anything useful to say,  lol, what a joke.

Our infamy has obviously preceded us.  The sum total of useful suggestions was ” I will send you a form to fill out to apply for a Red Cross grant of $750 for legal fees”.

Humm lacks imagination I would say.  After the Kobe 1995 earthquake in Japan, the areas that were the most vocal and annoying were the last areas to recover or be redeveloped.

Mind you given the fact that last time they told me “to wait until we were out of the Red Zone” at least they are consistently awful and unhelpful.

Seems to be a Pattern developing here!

By the way in the last 2 months we have managed to get one days work done.  The Steel company we use, is being “slow” and their men don’t want to work in the Red Zone.  I think that this is an interesting trend.  Also brick layers are hard to find.

I estimate another 6 months before we are in any shape too open, looking at the snail’s pace the rebuilding is going at.

CERA has admitted that it is unlikely to meet its April target of opening the city centre. No surprises here.  Looking at the High Street block I estimate that some of the Duncan’s Building- the block we are in will be closed for up to 2 years. It will take them that long to get their earthquake strengthening in place.

ho humm another day in paradise.


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