22nd February 2011 – The things we want to forget today…

Our wrecked houses. Our lost jobs. Our shortage of money. Our Insurance problems, our CERA problems, our Building consent problems, our problems getting repairs done due to lack of labour.  CERA, The CCC, EQC, The government. The bloated power structures put in place to help us “recover”. The destruction of the Heritage fabric of Christchurch by inaction from Insurance companies, lack of understanding of unreinforced masonry buildings, overhasty Engineers, CERA and building owners.

The 22nd of February.

No power, no showers for 10+ days, getting water from a tanker every day for weeks. Being unable to sleep because the ground moved constantly those first few nights. Having to dig a toilet hole and using it. Unable to wash clothes.  Rotten food in the fridge.  Cleaning up the kitchen floor, a mixture of Draumbuie, glass, mustard powder and mung beans with no water.  Picking up my broken treasures. Waiting for the next big one. Worrying about the boy at university.  Looking at the 3 storey Smith City car park that was pancaked and fearing the worst.  Driving around the city. Waiting for the house to fall down with us in it. Sleeping in the lounge. Walking through the city and dodging the liquefaction holes. Trying to fill the car with petrol. Driving across town to rescue elderly mother. Traffic jams. The situation of those in the East, many of whom will never own a house again.  The effects on the elderly. The fine throat grabbing liquefaction dust that blows across the city.  The rows and rows of empty sections in the CBD.

The Lack of information, the withholding of information, the “nanny knows best attitude from CERA and Government”.

The radio/TV  wallowing in its grief. The lack of analysis by journalists in CHCH and New Zealand. The code of silence agreed to by all political parties. The lack of Economic analysis. The Engineers being hung out to dry by the media.

The 22nd of February 2011- a day best forgottton by all.


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