We Give up waiting…

We have purchased 2 second-hand printing presses from another Printer who is closing down.  They have kindly let us take them over, rather than selling on the open market.  Many thanks to the team at Foster and Paul!   True Canterbury spirit at its best.

We will be moving these next week into the garage at home.  It will mean the mail order is going to be BACK up and running!   It will allow a larger degree of flexibility for both the mail order and our printing clients than we have had.  I am now filling in the paper work for temporary relocation permissions”.   fun!   We will go ahead even if they refuse.

The problems of access in the CBD, labour and general uncertainty have finally driven us to do this.  It is looking unlikely that we will return to the High Street premises.  That will not be decided until we get better access.  It also depends on the fate of our neighbours, which is looking increasingly shaky.

I might have a job after all!  🙂


2 thoughts on “We Give up waiting…

  1. That is great news and maybe being able to look to the future with a little more certainty may make life better. You have done amazingly and i am in awe of your ability to just push through all of this, I am glad for the blog as it sometimes seems like there is a catharsis in being able to write all of this. But all I can say is go for it. It must feel good to actually see a future, in the near future 🙂

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