CERA is out of control…

CERA is insane, they have now ordered the demolition of the Edmonds Band rotunda.  Go figure, a small structure that could be easily repaired.  For heavens sake, ply it up until the city is ready and then rebuild it.  They have also started on another round of Heritage buildings in CHCH CBD.  There appears to be no way to stop these idiots.

The narrow-minded engineering abilities of the organisation are beyond belief. Unfortunately pie face Brownlee set the tone of the demolitions on the first day by referring to them as “old Dungers”, and most people have been so brain washed that they believe it. They still have not figured out that it was the new buildings that killed people.

For heavens sake, once all  these heritage buildings are gone the city is sterile and boring.  The CBD looks like ground zero, why can’t they see it.

It looks to me like the High Street facade is a goner,  I am reluctant to do any further repairs until its fate is confirmed. I have had a conversation with the Engineer, we agree it is imperative that some of the others begin repairs.  I do not have high hopes.


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