CERA, IAG Insurance. Lawyers….

and on it goes….  Well what an interesting day.  Non productive, but interesting. It starts with a lawyers meeting to discuss our ongoing problems with Insurance.  The “minor matter” of IAG dividing all the bills in half if it relates to the party walls (The joint structural walls that separate the Duncan’s buildings.)  The idea of reinstatement has eluded IAG.   I am wondering how half a wall covers reinstatement??   The other trick that IAG is using is to deduct $100,000 from our final insurance payout, they did this by saying that our upstairs was a residential flat, therefore subject to a EQC payout.  This is patently false.  So this matter is off to an Insurance specialist.

To add to our misery today, is the growing rumor that CERA is going to pull the Duncan’s Building down.  This has not been helped by the inaction of many of the building owners in the street.  Even we are finding it impossible to get the repairs needed done.  I think that I need to throw my toys out of the cot again.  (great….  that means ringing the Engineer, builder, steel fabricator  etc…) (ETA steel-  23rd April- 4 months of no progress) mind you why bother if they are going to pull us down,  it would help if someone would confirm the status of the building.   CERA….???????? no communication as usual.  They have made repairs too hard to do and there is a definite preference to pull down.

The other interesting thing today was the Heritage meeting at the earthquake strengthened Cashmere Presbyterian Church Hall.  Incidentally this is the Church CERA wanted to pull down as badly damaged.  It was apparently fixed with 2 bolts and at minimal cost, it looks amazing.

Over 200 people were there, with Engineers, Architects, building owners and heritage advocates.  There is mounting anger at CERA”s behaviour.  There is a growing awareness that CERA has gone too far in its destruction of the CBD, also the knowledge that CERA is dysfunctional as there is growing disagreement within CERA that they have got it wrong.  They have still failed to understand that these building are cheaper to fix and strengthen than pull down. There is also an awareness in CERA that the demolitions have got out of control and that they do not know how to stop them or save face. The demolition companies are in control.  Why would the demolition companies want this to stop?

The talk by Michael King, from Miyamoto Cardno, Engineers, was interesting. He talked about the cost of repairing the Cathedral in the square. Basically saying that repairs are cheaper than a rebuild. Sound familiar?   Resentment is growing, within the business community about the way that they have been treated, the impossibility of doing repairs and the nightmare of dealing with CERA.

Interesting that this morning the CHCH Press has failed, yet again, to report on this well attended meeting.  The National programme has already reported on it this morning in depth.


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