CERA – 13 months is long enough??? No????

CERA do you not think that 13 months is too long to wait before being told whether you are going to demo our building or not?  Are we going to remain as a block? Are you going to take out sections of the Duncan’s Building? Are you going to demo us? Why let us continue repairs if you are going to pull us down?   Anyone have any answers????? What an Interesting way to run a so-called “Recovery”.  They have not got a clue yet about what they have done. Keep us in the dark like mushrooms!

The frustration levels are getting out of control. ( Which is why they are making a residential red/orange zone announcement today, notice how they always do it on friday???)

By the way I believe that NZ First is moving into the building behind us in St Asaph Street,   ha ha, has anyone informed them that they are in the red zone?  You will need hard hats and fluros, boots, welcome to our world.   Bet they get an exemption.

I am sure you will find that there is an outbreak of graffiti on OUR walls. lol


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