Gerry Brownlee, bye bye- CBD Rebuild is not going to happen soon…

Heard an interesting comment today from one of the largest property owners in the CBD, he maintains that CERA and Roger Sutton have not understood that the owners of empty sections in the CBD will not sell the sections or rebuild on them for many years.   The property owners are mainly long-term investors, who have already taken a bath on their properties, many have only received indemnity payments when their buildings were bulldozed by CERA.  Why would they want to sell the sections and take a further loss at this time?.  It is better to sit and wait. This will not sit well with the so-called rebuild plan.  There are already signs that this is happening as Wilsons car parking is popping up all over the CBD.  I notice that car parking in town is $2.50 A DAY!   Auckland eat your heart out…. lol  mind you there is no CBD or town left so not much future in car parking either! Humm not what they thought would happen, if they thought at all which is debatable.

I also heard a comment from a fellow building owner who was talking to the National Party member of Parliament Nicky Wagner in CHCH Central, who maintains that the Engineers in CHCH are Punch drunk, overworked and freaking out.  That is obvious by the level of destruction that has been wrought here.  Pity it has taken them this long to figure it out!!!   dur…

Talking about the National party, I see that  “Gerry” has put his foot in his mouth AGAIN  and you must remember that much of the responsibility for the destruction in Christchurch can be attributed to his “old dungers” comment and his stupidity. (He was just a woodwork teacher and not a good one according to the message boards).    I see that the media have published a very flattering picture of him.   Your time is coming… bye-bye Gerry you are becoming an embarrassment with your ongoing silly comments! Your lack of European knowledge is obvious and an embarrassment to this country. Bad enough that you have destroyed Christchurch, try not to make us the laughing-stock of the world, whoops too late.

where’s my pie..


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