NZI Insurance- why would you???

Summary of our Insurance troubles:

1. NZI- “Reinstatement” means they pay only HALF the costs of repairing party walls.  That means half a wall????   humm interesting.

2.NZI-  Means they deduct $100,000 for a non-existent EQC Claim, as they maintain our upstairs is residential. ( Not for the last 12 years as far as I can find records for)

3. NZI- means it can take over 3 months before they refund you for contractors bills.

4. NZI – We are on Assessor number  6 ?????  I can not remember for sure, so far number 5  was the only one that was helpful-  Number 6 I am withholding judgement…..

5. Policy says we have 4 claims, they say we have 1 because we did not fix the building after each claim, the fact that we were locked out appears to be irrelevant.

6. Deny, Delay, Defend is their policy.   Deny liability, Delay payments and Defend ie litigate. Obstruction of the worst kind.

Insurance hassles at the moment are on going…….


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