Looting in CBD – Red Zone leaks like a sieve

Well its been an interesting few weeks. A short summary.

Work is supposed to re start on the building on the 23rd of April.  I have an inkling this might be a Tui moment!  “yeah right”.  The Billens building in the street looks increasingly dangerous and I believe CERA have rejected the “make safe” plan.  I can not believe they are even contemplating trying to save it.

Our new machinery in the garage is working nicely and we have begun to remake some stock line.

I had a meeting with Denis O’Rouke from New Zealand First with a few other building owners, I was surprised at how little he knew about the situation in the CBD Red Zone.   Say no more, I wait with interest.

We found out that we have had low life looters drifting through the top of our building, they have looted most of the remaining stock from the shop next door and broken windows in the Video shop.  This is within the “Safety of the Red Zone fence”- another Tui moment I am afraid. There appears to be no great concern from “the powers that be” when I spoke to them.

Gerry Brownlee tells us this morning in the Press that there is no rental crisis in Chch, it’s not a crisis its a major disaster.  I can not believe that he has no comprehension of what is happening here.  The insistence of Fletcher’s that everyone relocate when repairs are made to houses is only making the situation worse.    It is also partly caused by the lack of repairs of the Housing New Zealand stock, the premature demolition of many Red Zone houses and the low-income of most  people.  (Many workers are now on minimum wages, as companies struggle to recover).

My new house plans have reached draft stage, I am dreading trying to find a rental to live in, all my enquiries have so far indicated that I have a major problem looming. (contrary to Gerry’s assurances.)

Stay safe!


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