Christchurch, the new normal…..

Oh Christchurch is interesting!  We now have yet Another Government Department set up to make decisions for us.  This one has 100 days to decide, as far as I can work out, where the town Hall, convention centre and new sports centres are to go, probably the police station and a few other buildings as well.  Rumours are swirling.  What is clear is that there will be some land acquisitions ( read confiscations) on the East side.

Add to this the American Company Ceres who now have  “a unique opportunity to rally High Street owners, tenants and stake holders to develop a comprehensive development plan for the district”.  humm interesting?      whats the plan????? whoops some one has dropped the ball, they have forgotten to consult with some of the High Street owners!!!  ha ha. This should be an interesting meeting,  I doubt that I will get an invite. It seems that they might have a bit of an agenda here.  I watch with interest.  Seems to me that the “opportunists” are starting to rear their heads.

Actually we have made some progress this week, that is scary, the first for 4 months, I am deeply disappointed with the company we used to do our steel work, they have let us down badly.  I will not forget.  We apparently can start filling up the hole in the wall shortly, if I can find a brick layer.  But we will leave that worry for another day.

On a more interesting subject. There was an excellent article in the CHCH Press on Tuesday May 1st 2012, by an Australian Ian Maxwell talking about the “Short – term vision, long-term regrets”. he makes a number of excellent points, regarding the residents of CHCH being  shell-shocked, that the government is acting quite unilaterally and without good leadership and that the key choices in CHCH are not being explained or debated.  I could not agree with him more.

There are 2 elements here: Some people are angry, they feel that they have “no control of and input into” the rebuild process.

Where the second group of people, interestingly many of them young people, who do not care at all, pull it down they say, we never go to town anyway.

There is going to be many who will later on “feel a sense of delayed loss and may eventually get angry as to what was done and how they were duped”.  I agree with him.

Interestingly I met a building owner a few days ago whose building was pulled down, although it was not un repairable, they were in this category.  They were given poor advice and no assistance from CERA. They were distraught that they had allowed themselves to be bullied into allowing their building to be demolished.

We need more articles like this!  May be some one will listen. I wish!  Have a read if you have a chance.

Stay stong and stay angry!


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