CERA nonsense goes on….. Locked out Again…

Well that was bit interesting,  me facing off to a 150kgs of muscle trying to gain access to our building.  ( I am 1/3 of that).  Cera has thrown their toys out of the cot yet again and in their “wisdom” are not letting us onto our site.  The reason????  To get to our site we must walk through the Billens site. And to go onto their site we must have a tool box meeting, a site safety meeting and a site induction meeting.

I was physically stopped by a very burly worker from passing through their site today on the way to ours to inspect the days progress.  This does not please me, and the physical intimidation by this worker was not called for.  CERES is the project manager for this project, they should have had systems in place already for this issue, as we have been passing through this site for 14 months.

Looks like we are locked out again!  For heavens sake, when is common sense going to come in to play here.  The solution is obvious and has been all along, give us access from St Asaph Street/High Street intersection.  I have steel and workers all ready for monday morning, and now we are locked out again.

A phone call to the Red zone access team is now required.   Sigh!!!

How is Christchurch going to be repaired when we have giant paper wars in progress?


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