CERA-all a bit weird

Humm, that was a bit weird, had a meeting with CERA to resolve getting access for the contractors into High Street.  Gee that’s innovative…. we get to walk /drive under the Billens building.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but was that not why I was stopped on Friday? Weirder and weirder.  The only concession we get is that my feisty brother and I are allowed to access the building from St Asaph street, ie the back entrance. ( I have been trying to sort this out for 14 months).  All the contractors have to risk the High street/Billens fiasco. Stranger and stranger.

What made this all the more amusing was the realisation that the man who authorised this was working on the demolitions team in Christchurch and is now seconded to “RECOVERY”  anyone else see a bit of a conflict of interest here?  May be they figured out that if they did not stop the demos soon and try to save the very few businesses left in the CBD they may not have anyone left?   nah too subtle for them I am afraid. They have failed to save the Anglican Cathedral in the square, this has to be one of the silliest decisions they have made.  This is a PR disaster. Panicked Engineers and also a financial decision by the Church I am afraid. The point is that it would be good for morale, PR, the city’s future and at the worst we could charge the tourists to look at the wrecked building. Most of us have paid a fortune to look at French, English, Roman, Italian ruins, why not here?

I was told that there was no reason why we could not reoccupy our factory soon.  Could say that the comment make me a bit grumpy.  Why is it that suddenly they have seen the light?  Maybe they are running out of things to do.  I suspect that the demo teams and staff are making this last as long as they can. Still can not reoccupy the building until the long-suffering Engineer does his DEE.  Detailed Engineering Evaluation.   (Gosh I have learnt lots of seemingly useless things these last 14 months!)

On a more promising note, most of the first floor ring beam is in, we have to wait till next week for 2 new columns for the corners, but all in all by the end of next week we should be able to resume brick repairs.  ???? probably optimistic, everything in CHCH take 3 times longer than it should and cost 5 times more than normal.

I am amazed how many phone calls of support and encouragement I get every day from our customers, from all over the country. You have all been amazingly patient.! Thanks for the support and the orders.   We have managed to fill most of our orders, but occasionally it does not happen.  We are remaking stock now as needed.  At least we have some flexibility now.

P.s. on the insurance front, we still have not received our Business Interruption insurance from July 2011 onwards.  Gosh good thing we did not need the wages eh??? A Tui moment I am afraid.   yeah right!

We won’t talk about the hassle I am having with NZI, I am afraid that is going to have to be escalated to a higher level. I will start with the lawyer and work my way up the food chain! This is a work in progress.


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