CERA hates bricks….. ha ha

You may not remember Bruce, he is the man who made fun of the tanks that were positioned to protect us from the dangers of entering the city when the business and building owners protested about being locked out. Gosh that was a long time ago…  April 2011.

And we still don’t have access!  unbelievable really.  Anyway. Bruce is the proud owner of a building in Lichfield street.

Lucky man, deep in the red zone behind many fences, closed to the public!

Now Bruce has a problem, he has a section 38 on his building, just like us, how lucky he is!.  He must remove anything that is dangerous, but specifically “loose bricks” Right? Fair enough.  Now if you look really closely you will see that on the ground, trapped between the containers and the wall is a load of bricks.  Those bricks are specified as being dangerous, so much so that the Queen of the realm, no less, has ordered him to move them, and if he does not move them then CERA will move them and send him a huge invoice.  Now this is VERY dangerous kids do not try this at home, if you go near these bricks you will hurt yourself,  ah no that can’t be right, hit yourself, no? trip over, jump up at you.  no.? Well what then?

Hang on, this is behind a 4 metre high razor-wired plywood barricade, which in turn is behind a signposted safety fence, and THAT fence in turn is behind the Red Zone fence. It is a construction site, or demolition site depending on who you ask.  There is no one to get hurt (even if someone did feel inspired to pick up a brick from the ground and hit themselves on the head with one)!  Tempting as that may be.!

The best part is to come … Bruce may not move these bricks himself. He has to use his accredited contractor, who amongst 30 or more pages of bureaucratic waffle must submit a “site specific hazard management plan”, “methodology statement” and a “traffic management plan” for the removal and disposal of bricks.  Gee Bruce aren’t you lucky!

CERA has a pathological hated of bricks. They have attempted to pull every brick building in the city down, and nearly succeeded I might add.  Pity they have not done their homework.  I say again, it is cheaper to repair and strengthen the brick buildings than to build a new building. The impression given by CERA and Gerry Brownlee has been misleading and deliberately mischievous, these building can be made safe and are in many cases repairable. But they havent figured it out yet!  Drat it too late, Lets have another car park.

But CERA does not want us to do repairs, that has been made crystal clear in the last 14 months. They have this idea that we are going to get a nice new, sanitised city, all “green”, modern, sterile, characterless and BORING! Paid for by the Insurance companies.  In our case we have done only 5 weeks work on our building in 14 months.  I suspect that Bruce has had the same problems.  Recovery???   I think not.

I share Bruce’s frustration with the system. I suspect he is another anarchist at heart.

Stay strong Bruce.  Sooner or later CERA must pull out.  Only 4 years more to go!


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