Progress???? Who dares to hope?

Progress? Tomorrow I believe the last of the first floor ring beam goes in.  That means that the long-suffering Engineer will do the dreaded DEE,  ( Detailed Engineering Evaluation). Dreaded because this is the document that measures the percentage of the Building code relating to earthquake safety that has been achieved. A building must now reach 66% of the current code.  If you do not reach 33% of the code you are in deep trouble, demolition or major repairs is your only hope.  66% lets you reopen the building.

Below is a photo of the last 2 steel 9 metre lengths to go in tomorrow.  Should be interesting to watch.

Once this stage is reached we can start on the re-bricking the large air-conditioned hole in the wall. I would be interested in knowing what % the Christchurch Cathedral is at?   Silly CERA/Government/Church, bet you Italy will repair their Church’s and buildings.  This has all been a result of a media campaign by CERA and Brownlee telling people that old buildings are dangerous, it has been deliberate and mischievous.  Especially if you consider the number of modern concrete building that are currently being demolished.  And you wait until they start in Wellington. There are going to be demolitions all over New Zealand.  Be warned, if you own a building get the DEE under way now, because in a very short time there will not be an Engineer in the country willing to do one.  This has already happened here.  Engineers are refusing to do them.  For a variety of reasons, too busy, too much stress and not enough Engineers capable of doing them.

I have also made progress with the insurance company. NZI.  Now that is a surprise.  They maintain that there was not a problem about the upstairs office area and EQC.  A Tui moment I am afraid, “yeah right!”.  At least I have now retrieved $100,000 that can be spent on repairs.  Insurance in Christchurch is all about Deny, Delay, Defend.  They deny liability, delay payments and litigate against you.  I can not help but wonder if it may not have been sorted in a much easier fashion.  I resent having to bring in a lawyer for what we were rightfully entitled to and have to wait 14 months for the privilege.  Now for the next battle, the party walls!  Joint walls between properties.  The Insurance company only wants to pay for half the repairs and make me responsible for collecting the balance from my un-insured neighbours. So I get half a wall you might ask.  reinstatement it is not!  Consider it this way, next time some one crashes into your car YOU will have to go to the owner of the other vehicle and try to recover half of the cost of repairs.   Humm there are obviously two sets of rules here, one for cars and one for building owners.  Did not see that stated in the policy anywhere. incidentally I am slowly becoming more adept at reading Insurance policies, trust me on this one, they can send you to sleep but it is vitally important!  Word of advice, ask your insurance company for the full policy document not the abridged version you usually get from your broker and start to read it.

Ah, I see an email in my inbox, my feisty friend Bruce is in trouble with CERA over a load of bricks, on the ground?   really?  they are dangerous? on the ground, in the red zone,  behind a container???? tell me more. I am off to read his emails. I will do another post  for him I think. This is the garbage we have to put up with!  CERA really does not want us to do repairs in the Red Zone, that is obvious.



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