CERA – There is a Larger Issue Here…

Thanks to Bruce in the post below I have reached a new level of infamy.  He has decided to send links to all his mates, The Press, CERA and anyone else he can think off. Good thing that I will be away from the phone all day. Hope I don’t cop any flack over it!  He must be really slacked off.

There is actually a larger issue here, one that I have gone on about for many months. (Sorry, boring I know) The accredited contractor issue. The point is, Bruce, or I and my brother Joe are not actually allowed to work on our own buildings doing repairs, or in this case even pick up bricks, gee Bruce are you trained to do that? Lucky you.  As an unemployed bum I am now happy to shift bricks, want a hand?  We could have a toolbox meeting you and I and discuss the safety issues, that will take an hour. (Container might move, wall might collapse, might trip over, cut hand, hit head on brick wall???  and so on….)  Might just be quicker to shift those bricks.  Actually we should all do a site safe course first.  Than we must work under the supervision of an accredited contractor.  The accredited contractor issue in our case cost our insurance company in excess of $40,000 – that’s as far as I can find out anyway. They are not saying!  They had to produce the site safety report, methodology, site inductions, road safety plans and heaps of other documentation that actually did not progress the work one iota.  In our case the first project manager had no idea what we were doing on site, and we have since than changed the arrangement. This has all created a layer of middle management that is top-heavy and unproductive.  Than the problem gets compounded by the necessity that CERA has of policing the policy. That requires “policeman” and in many cases this is where common sense gets thrown out of the window.    lol.

ho humm another day in paradise.


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