CERA- locked out again….

It was no surprise to be locked out of the Red Zone Again on the 1 June.  The 5+ shake guaranteed that.  Back to the Engineer for another Level 2 assessment.

OMG,  we were well organised, Level 2 assessment done already, Engineer has been.  All I have to do is get the paper work to CERA.

An interesting statistic was printed in the press a few days after this aftershock. In the Press it was reported that when they evacuated the Red Zone 1400 workers were sent home.  1400????   There used to be 55,000 people working in the city.  There should be 14,000 if not 140,000- doing repairs in there.  What sort of recovery can you have with only 1400 workers??  I don’t know how many square kilometers the locked up area is I would estimate 10 sq kilometers.  Your maths no doubt is better than mine, but that makes 140 workers per sq kilometer.  I don’t know how many buildings there are per sq kilometer left standing, but the end figure does not make encouraging reading.  Even if you say 50, that makes 2 workers per building.   No wonder we have only managed to do 5 weeks work in 15 months.

It is becoming much clearer now that many building owners have pulled buildings down and shifted their capital to Auckland. The rumors are sweeping the town. Many of the building owners were well insured, and have no appetite to rebuild.  CERA has not helped this situation, their lack of Economic analysis and expertise is obvious to all.   What is happening here is that now many major companies are moving from the South Island to the North.  This is similar to what happen in Kobe, Japan after the 1995 earthquake, as other areas take economic advantage of the ailing Cities plight.

It was frustrating to note that no one picked up on this figure. And the CHCH Press has still not done any decent analysis of what is happening in Christchurch.  What is wrong at the Press would have to be my question?  This is not rocket science. There must be a major lack of Journalistic skills at the Press.

The feeling in Christchurch is that The National Government has failed us in our hour of need.  There is a total lack of expertise: Economic, Social, Engineering, Building let alone leadership skills. Also the correct management skills have not been sourced.  The snails pace of this so called recovery is a major source of frustration in the city.

Did you know that my mothers red zoned house still has not been assessed by NZI/IAG.  It is going to be needlessly demolished, at a time when the city is desperately short of livable house.  We can not figure it out.

Not much happening on the building front.  I watch with interest to see what will happen here.  I think I am waiting for the Detailed Engineering Evaluation, but along with the rest of Christchurch, I no longer bother to ring and find out. It will turn up when it turns up.

ho humm paradise lost.


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