CERA- Again!

Locked out of undamaged factory for 390 days so far…..

This is starting to intrigue me.  There seems to be a pattern emerging.  My neighbours on both sides, have done no work on their buildings since September 2010.  Both have been “made safe” by CERA’S “accredited contractors”  ( Tui moment I am afraid.   Yeah Right!) One side is uninsured and has little hope of doing repairs.  The other side is insured with Western Pacific, ( An insurance company in receivership) and if a pay out ever occurs it may well be in the far distant future.   In both cases, the buildings are badly damaged and require significant rebuilding work, which needs to be done now!  I will get some better photos for you.

Just how long is CERA going to wait before they act?    Obviously 17 months is not long enough.

Ground floor, the scaffolding is ours, as we try to do repairs.

Upon reflection I can see that there are at least 2 other buildings within a short distance of us in the same situation.  The last in the row of the Duncan’s buildings has been seriously damaged by the Billens Building.  (Which is only slowly being made safe now).  Again no work has been safely possible on this site for 18 months and demolition looks a certainty for that section of the Duncan’s Building.

Billens Building has badly damaged Duncan’s building. The last shop in our row.

Further down the road the situation is repeating itself in Lichfield Street.  With the Sargood building at 92 Lichfield Street (endangering the work on the imminent repairs of the Ministry building) where there is the possibility of “localised sections of loose bricks falling in a seismic event.”   My gosh who came up with that wording.  How profound.  Have you picked up those bricks yet Bruce??  Remember them?  the ones on the ground, behind many fences? trapped between a container and the wall.  Very dangerous.  That saga is ongoing and still at Methodology stage.   I did offer to do it for him, but he reckons I can get into enough trouble on my own without his help!

92 Lichfield Street

I have no idea how many times this issue is re occurring across the “CBD”  ( with no B in the CBD) but I suspect that it a common theme.

The question is, why can CERA not force action.  They hassled the …. out of us for months, and now they seem totally unable to force action.  CERA appears to be harassing the building owners who are actually trying to make repairs, but leaving others alone.  I am getting really suspicious here.  What is going on?

  • CERA Says   “CERA will take action the moment it becomes apparent that the owner is not providing CERA with the appropriate plans for their building in the time frames given to them, and we will also make sure that their plans are implemented in a timely fashion.”

yes yes we know, we have had 17 months of this “stuff”, but what about the building owners who are doing nothing and hindering progress?  They appear to be getting different treatment. There appears to be no action taken against them. I think we are easy targets. Maybe they are getting short of work?

All of these buildings have similar issues, INSURANCE COMPANY delays and landowner inaction. Sorry for shouting!   17 months on and we are all still having issues with payouts, poor communication, red tape, labour etc.    Delay, Deny, Defend.

Incidentally today I tried to organise power for our building, (for the Bricklayers, if they ever turn up, ha ha , that will be a miracle in itself.)  Orion- says sorry the main feed in the street is disconnected, it will take 10 days to organise a temporary feed from the black box in the street by our back door.  A distance of 30cm.   Hummn.  yes you read right!    30cm  ie 300mm.  Don’t rush.

Paradise delayed!


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