Recovery speed- Glacial -Quick Analysis of situation.


1. Too many buildings have been needlessly demolished, with too much haste.

2. Many building owners used this as an opportunity to get “rid” of their buildings, often only partially tenanted and in poor state of maintenance. Many land owners were elderly and could not be bothered organising repairs and were happy to cash up.

3. Many building owners have cashed up their insurance payouts and taken the money out of Christchurch.

4. CERA’s lack of economic expertise was blindingly obvious to the business owners in Christchurch from day 1. They refused to bring in outside expertise.   ( Re invented the wheel, and tried a totally untested demolition/recovery model, typical NZ attitude of “we know best”)

5.  Much too slow to go into recovery phase. Made even more Ironic by the fact that the staff now working on “Recovery” were seconded from “Demolitions.”

7. There is perception amongst business /building owners that Demolition contractors were in control rather than CERA.  I had a number tell me to demo my “stuffed building.”  Including a major Project management company. Their motives were very suspect.

8. CERA made it too hard to do repairs to buildings.  (We have done 5 weeks work in 17 months). Because of access issues, Accreditation issues, Contractor issues.  Escalating costs, Price gouging. etc  the list is endless.

9. Insurance companies.  Deny, delay, defend attitude.  Stall, stall,stall.  Has slowed repairs/recovery.

10. Fletcher’s style middle management in charge at CERA Has antagonized building owners. Also Building owners have been treated appallingly by CERA.  ie 10 day “make safe and demolition notices”  Section 38/39’s.

11. Small businesses were written off from day one as collateral damage.  No attempt was made to help them at all.  Recover Canterbury proved ineffective for many of us. There is a perception that those of us who were too “vocal” were punished by both CERA and Recover Canterbury.  I personally believe this to be correct.

13. If business had not protested in March 2011, many would be still waiting to access their buildings. (I know of one building owner who still has not retrieved all his stock.)

14. The city has been locked down too long, this is hindering any chance of business returning to CBD. CERA has been much too slow to open up major arterial routes. This has made repairs more difficult as well as making access across the city a nightmare.  The Red Zone fences need to be removed now.

15.  There is a lack of assistance over Insurance issues. Both in residential and Business field. In the business field this issue has been taken up by American companies charging 20%-40% of your claim.

16. A Shortage of Engineers, is becoming apparent, especially those trained in Earthquake Strengthening work.

17. Misleading comments by Brownlee and Cera about Brick buildings, when New concrete buildings failed in greater numbers than the brick ones.  Very few brick buildings suffered the catastrophic failures of the modern concrete structures.

18. There has been a lack of analysis by the CHCH Press, a lack of objectivity, poor journalism and no one has asked the hard questions.  It appears to have been deliberate.

19, Failure of the Chch City Council to perform.  The issues were too big, the Councilors too inexperienced. CERA took over and the council was by passed.

20  The failure of successive Governments to look at EQC and the way it functions. One example: The duplicity of inspections of private damaged homes.  Often by totally untrained staff.

21.  EQC has paid for non earthquake related issues eg old asbestos roofs, rotten piles,  there has been an element of  “cargo cult” mentality.

22. Inability of CERA to force recalcitrant building owners to act.

23. Inability of Central Government to force Insurance companies to co-operate.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but its a good start!


Not today,  the doors of my house do not close any more and the gib is wet. The Insurance company has “forgotten”  ( yeah right- another TUI moment I am afraid) to organise geotech on my house, so we wait another 8 weeks for action. AMI /Southern Response?

Why would you Insure ? Deny, Delay, defend.


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