CERA Paralysing Christchurch Recovery…


I went to another meeting last night, re the development proposals for the High Street area.  We suffered buzz words like emboldened, redraft and “investable Recovery plans”.

James Lunday an Urban Planner openly stated to CERA that they had demolished too much, too fast and has stifled any recovery.  His language was colourful! A delight to listen too.

CERA/CCDU also gave us their pennies worth.

Did you know that in their slide presentations the words “Retail and Commercial” feature as the last factor in their plans.  The words “Green”, “Sustainable”, “Family friendly” “sports stadiums” came first.   (Sports stadiums are used very little for the infrastructure costs involved, ie luxury not necessity.)

Did you know that they went overseas and looked at “modern” cities who have had disasters, ie Brisbane? not Italy or Sarajevo. They also looked at large cities not small ones.

Did you know that the figures that they are giving out for the number of demolitions in the CBD looked “massaged”.

Did you know that they came to this meeting and would not acknowledge that they may still confiscate the land that we were talking about and will not acknowledge its future. (Regardless of the fact that they have been insisting that we all do repairs.  (In our case we would need a COMPENSATION CLAIM for the work that we have done in the last 17 months on top of the value of the building.) So why would anyone bother even contemplating starting to rebuild?  We need to wait ANOTHER 30 days before they will confirm or deny!!!

Did you know that CERA brought in an overseas Economic Expert, who gave his advice and CERA ignored it, and the Expert left in disgust.

Did you know that CERA has had the city locked up too long and will not release control and this is hindering any forward momentum.

Did you know that it was openly discussed amongst the attendees that anyone who was too vocal suffered “utu” (revenge) and “consequences”.

CHCH is paralysed by CERA’s ongoing controls and micro management. Overseas best practice would say that after 1 months that responsiblity should pass to the CCC to help the city move forward.  Japan is so used to these disasters that Central Government moves out as quickly as possible, as locals know what needs focussing on.

We also suffered a speech by the NZ Historic Places Trust.   Who??????  They have been conspicuous by their absence and silence for the last 18 months, they should be ashamed of their inaction.

Why the locals are putting up with this I do not know. The CERA publicity machine has paralysed any criticism and objective thinking.

Ho humm nearly 500 days lock out coming up…..


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