CERA- Is 18 months long enough to wait???

Locked out of undamaged factory for 517 days.

Well the CCDU have finally released their blueprint for the central city.  Gee great, we have now been “designated”, the South Frame (Green area)  “Innovation Precinct”.   Just one minor problem.  What is happening to the building we are in???  ha ha, now that is the question.  Are they going to buy us out?, pull us down? turn us into dinosaurs?  Who knows and to be quite frank after 517 days who cares.  The building owners I have spoken to this morning have no idea how they will be affected by these developments, or if they still own their land or not.  Do you not find that a bit odd?  I even rung CERA this morning to find out if they were going to pull us down, is that normal for a building owner?  Does that show great communication and consultation?   not!  the funny part is that I had 4 bricklayers in front of me wondering if they should start work or not.  Apparently we are not going to be demoed.  Do you know that that is the first time CERA has admitted that in 517 days?  Weird bunch they are.

No one has shown any interest in helping us keep our business running, neither Business Recovery, CERA, Heritage, Builders, Engineers and many more.  What a way to run a recovery.  What a man-made disaster.

The funny bit is that now it looks like they will pull more buildings down,  will they ever learn?  Not much hope here I am afraid.

We have decided that they all need to be told to …. off and leave us alone.  Comment courtesy of James Lunday, Architect…   nice one James.   We will continue as before.
Paradise prosponed till CCDU spends another 100 days making decisions.


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