CERA/CCDU Confiscations continued…

Another building owner, Bruce Williamson, has been fighting tooth and nail to keep his building safe from these idiots and his fate looks even worse than ours, at this stage.  You may remember the saga of the dangerous bricks….  trapped between a container and the wall,  these were “very dangerous”. That saga kept us amused for days and is symptomatic of the problems we have all had with CERA when we tried to repair our buildings.  It was obvious than that they did not want us to repair our buildings.  This agenda should have been put on the table 18 months ago.  There is going to be the need for serious compensation claims for the months of works, Engineers/Architects/builders etc invoices that we have had, plus our wages in arrears if you please.

Demolished for a bus interchange building that they are still insisting on putting in the wrong place, when will they learn??? When (if ever) the city grows this interchange will be too small and too close to the central city area.


A Christchurch businessman has run into a brick wall, or rather a blueprint, over plans to retain his nightclub.

Bruce Williamson said he had ”designed, built and run as a labour of love” the popular Ministry nightclub in Lichfield St for more than 20 years.

Williamson said he and his business partner were ”saddened and disappointed” to find the blueprint, released by the Christchurch Central Development Unit on Monday, showed the nightclub would be demolished to make way for the new bus exchange.

Damage to the venue was severe after a neighbouring building fell on it in the February 2011 earthquake, but Williamson had battled to retain the main part of the venue.

”With a lot of work, and a lot of battles with authority, I was able to retain the entire ground floor, which was the main part of the venue that people remember so well.”

He had been working on rebuild plans for the venue for some time and planned to lodge a consent for its rebuild, retaining the existing main room but with capacity increased to 1350 people, with the council yesterday.

”It seems that Cera [Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority] will be seizing Ministry to make up one edge of a bus exchange whilst leaving SOL Square in place,” he said.

”This is despite a huge amount of work having been done to retain the building to this point and in designing its way forward.”

Williamson said the venue could have been open by the end of the year and that his intention was to retain the main room for at least five years.

”The craziness is that we were this close and would have been up and running quite soon,” he said.

”Is no thought at all given to anything in the town if it’s not rugby or theatre?

”The obsession with destroying things is just obscene, and of course people like Cera have not the least idea what Ministry represented these last 20 years.

”My first inclination is to fight this.”

ChCh press 1.8.12 Vicki Anderson


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